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2013 Investment Recap

4 minute read

I like to look back at the year and see how good (or bad) my investments were in stocks for the year. As the rest of the year is going to be crazy busy I wan...

BASH Profile Calculator and Extractor

1 minute read

Most likely my favourite addition to my otherwise untouched BASH profile is the calc function. From the shell on my Linux box I can simply type “calc 2*10+10...

The Great Illusion

1 minute read

I started my day with a run and was lost in the writings of Norman Angell. A month or so ago I read his book, Great Illusion,  and was awe-struck on how much...

Simulating WAN Links with Linux and TC

1 minute read

Simulating WAN links used to be a difficult process. I would load FreeBSD with a dummynet driver and play with the settings to tweak where I needed it for th...

Travel Tips from a Frequent Traveler

6 minute read

“Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears!” This year alone I have been in 12 countries and accumulated over 500k miles of travel and want to share my ...

Microsoft Lync on Linux

1 minute read

Microsoft Lync is prevalent through the corporate world. Honestly its a pretty decent product on a Windows machine. On Linux and Mac though it is really a ha...


4 minute read

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Dual Time Machine Locations

less than 1 minute read

Apple must have been reading my blog when I wrote-up how to use two locations for Time Machine. Now in Mountain Lion it is built in and is much more seamless...