The machine is self aware…

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I live in the boonies now, but thankfully we have some semblance of broadband with SpeedConnect. It is a WiMax setup with a modem that needs to be reset once a day (sometimes more if I am downloading ISO’s) and only connects at 10Mb Half-Duplex.  Better than nothing I suppose.

Originally I just succom to needing to wake-up, hit the head, and then hit the server room to pull the power. The geek in me couldn’t take it. Enter an extra Wemo Insight I had lying around. Initially I attempted to set up a rule that reset the switch (and thereby the modem) and coincide that with a cron script to bring down and back up the connection.

Luckily the Wemo has a pretty decent SOAP interface as outlined here. Script now runs by itself, with no wemo rules (which suck), and restarts the connection. To do this yourself:

  1. Linux Box. Mine happens to be the Server behind the FW
  2. ouimeaux installed
  3. Cron daemon of sorts
  4. Magic!

It makes me giddy with joy to have the machine watch the other machine. Technology is amazing