What do I want to do when I grow up?

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Circumstances were such that I could not make a more public notification when it actually occurred, but I am now able. I have sold my portion of Spec Ops Technology and will be moving on to new and exciting things for which I have yet to fully determine.

It is such a bittersweet moment in life to look back on the progress and effects we have done as a company. We had such humble beginnings and desires that were quickly overshadowed by the reality of success. During my tenure as Co-Founder and Managing Partner, we have done amazing things and I have had a fascinating life. The memories formed and the relationships forged through the countless travels will be forever a shining moment.

My decision to do this was made over months of deliberation and introspective review. Some of you closest to me have worried aloud about the identity of I have inherited from this adventure. Fear not as it has enriched, but not been the foundation of my being. With the quiver full of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom from this I hope to venture into something new and different.

Thanks to all of you who supported and assisted myself and the company through the years. In the beginning there were very few who supported an undertaking when the market was so shaky. We succeeded, Spec Ops Technology under Anthony’s guidance will continue to succeed, and I hand over the rest of the reigns knowing those I care about will be taken care of.

Alicia and I are timidly exhilarated at the possibilities. I will miss the life I am leaving, but cherish that which it afforded. Thank you