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Placebos and Security

1 minute read

There was recently a study that found when people knew that they were taking a placebo, it still helped. The common idea in the past was that you could utili...

BitlBee and OTR … then add some TOR!

1 minute read

With the release of 3.0.1 of BitlBee you can now chat from your favorite IRC client with the peace of mind that your protected. Since the OTR portion is stil...

-fno -fno -fno stack protection

1 minute read

2 days straight now on IRC (##security on if you want to say hi) I have had to help someone compiling a program deal with it failing mid-str...

Geeks, Charity, and the impact of Reddit

4 minute read

When Digg migrated to Microsoft for advertising a few years ago, I took a personal stand and left. I was desperate to find a home on the internet again and c...

Google ChromeOS Cr-48 Review

5 minute read

It seems everyone is posting their review after a few days of working with the laptop. I decided to take a different perspective with the initial review. Whe...

Using TOR on your Android Device

2 minute read

In my continuation of howto secure your phone habits while on the go, we have come to anonymizing your traffic. There are a few reasons to do this:

CR-48 ChromeOS Security Posture

1 minute read

Since everyone is talking about the fit and finish (which is great other than the battery) I thought I’d talk about the security of the device. Google has al...

Field Marshal Nick

1 minute read

I always have thought personality tests were somewhat goofy and inaccurate. I took one this morning and it was scary right: