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CR-48 ChromeOS Security Posture

1 minute read

Since everyone is talking about the fit and finish (which is great other than the battery) I thought I’d talk about the security of the device. Google has al...

Field Marshal Nick

1 minute read

I always have thought personality tests were somewhat goofy and inaccurate. I took one this morning and it was scary right:

GPG on your Android Phone

4 minute read

All the traffic coming off your phone, if unencrypted, is clear for the telco to see. With the advent of sniffing using RF or IP based solutions it is becomi...

Have you been using my CAC?

3 minute read

For there record if you say "CAC Card" in my presence you will be "SOL Luck" talking again soon.

No Shave November – Aftermath Report

2 minute read

Men in my Family either grow kickass beards or what amounts to patchy peach fuze. Having been military and in the corporate world my whole life I was unable ...

Left Boeing

4 minute read

This morning I gave my badge back to the Boeing FSO. Lots of smiles and hand shakes, but a sad day all the same. Leaving anything you have been with for 3 ye...

Civ V for Mac = Borked with Black Screen

less than 1 minute read

I purchased Civ V for Mac the day it was released. LOVE…LOVE…LOVE Civilization. I had this issue after the 4GiB Download on 3 different machines and configur...