Need no more – Gifts and Holidays

There comes a time when we realize there is too much stuff in our lives. I have been blessed to not need for anything beyond a smile and love. As many of my loved ones know there is a strict “no gift” policy for me.  If I need something in life I go purchase it. My holiday memories are not bound to the boxes or cards opened, but rather by the love and warmth felt there. The long and short of it is that I feel that we should be refocusing our gift-giving. The commercialization of holidays and the abundance of crap we fill our lives with must stop. We simply have no need for more. What I am trying to say is that I would ask that no one send me cards or gifts for holidays. I appreciate the thought, but you can send it to me via email and have the same effect. It means so much to me that people (who didn’t find my birthday listed on Facebook) still knew it was happening and sent me a reminder for things. It just doesn’t need to happen. If you feel so compelled to do SOMETHING then I would ask that you donate to the following charities instead of a card/gift. The charities take donations in any amount so before you plunk down 5 bucks for card+postage, why not just donate online?

Love and Thanks – Nick