An iron fist in an iron glove – Mac/Linux Keymapping

This post will serve to upset both sides of the coin.

  1. Apple users wondering why I would load an inferior OS
  2. Linux users wondering why I spent all that extra money on Apple Hardware

I am going to skip the religious battles over OS and platform and say that if you happen to have loaded Linux on a piece of Apple hardware this post is for you. One of the first problems you will find is that your Alt+Tab doesn’t work as expected. If you follow the instructions your Command and Alt keys will work as you had hoped with the Apple Keyboard:

1. Starting from your blank desktop, go to System –> Preferences –> Keyboard

**2. When the window opens for Keyboard Preferences, navigate to Layouts and Select Options


3. Expand the Alt/Win Behavior and check the radio box: Control is mapped to Alt Keys, Alt is mapped to Win Keys That is all you need to fix the keyboard map