OpenBSD Drive Encryption Benchmarks

Let me start by saying I am not a benchmarker. At all…so these results are posted for friendly banter and I make no claim to their validity. Consider this the glxgears of filesystem testing. The testing was done with two identical OpenBSD 4.8 installs running in VMware Fusion 3.1 on a Mac Mini Server. The bonnie test was done to the same /home partitions mounted in crypto volumes. In green you will find the winner for each category.

This is a joke, softraid won every one of the benchmarks…

I have to admit I was surprised. Everything I have read on OpenBSD -misc mailing list stated that svnd should be quicker. Based on my very basic benchmarks that is not the case. There are still arguments about the maturity of softraid, but in my testing it is just as stable. It isn’t as seamless for coldstart booting, but is easier to support.

Google Docs Spreadsheet of the Data