Geeks, Charity, and the impact of Reddit

When Digg migrated to Microsoft for advertising a few years ago, I took a personal stand and left. I was desperate to find a home on the internet again and came across The site spoke to me! Clean, unobtrusive, geeky, and best of all…open source. In 2007 there wasn’t as many of us around and while the community was great it pales in comparison to 2010. The diggv4 snafu has increased the communities size and the old-timers made sure to welcome them. Posts were created outlying the type of culture fostered here rather that from which they were coming. To all who joined this year…thank you…the threads below epitomize your willingness to join us in being Good Geeks. We often get a bad wrap, but for the most part we are a cheerful crowd. Here is some proof from 2010, but this isn’t even close to being the full list. Feel free to leave me comments here or on the intertubes where you found this:

My Personal Favorites: