Mandriva Linux 2010 is a hot mess

Real quick review of the desktop in pro’s and con’s

  • Pro’s
    • Installer is pretty and well laid out
    • Theme extends across all 3 supported desktops (lxde, KDE, and GNOME)
    • Administration utilities use native toolkits for each platform unlike YaST from SuSE
  • Con’s
    • Why wouldn’t you use network-manager rather than your cheesy control center tool I first used in Mandrake 6.1 or 7?
    • The default KDM theme reminds me of the old Solaris days, doesn’t match the feel of the desktop
    • GTK theme seems like a cut-n-paste from QT side and it isn’t pretty
    • Beagle search rather than Tracker? Not starting a mono war here, but beagle is NO where near feature filled

Seems to me that they took the bits and pieces from around the world and bundled it together. Problem is the bits they took were from the crappy bucket. Mandriva, I loved you back during the Red Hat vs. Mandrake days were you pushed the technology and ease of use for Linux. Now you just seem washed up.