Dress Code

I dress like a big geek sometimes. It isn’t uncommon to see me roll into work with jeans on and an untucked Polo shirt. On really bad days (the ones where I never made it home to sleep) you will see me in a Tshirt from time to time. Don’t get me wrong, if I am working with the customer or have meetings of importance I dress up with the best of them. I don’t mind the tie, I embrace it.

While reading through my RSS feeds today I came across two images that showed the stark contrast in how generations feel about the dress code. It is my belief that the times of wearing suits everyday to work is passing. One more generation to go and it will have all but passed. This has good and bad implications in my mind. There IS a time and place for looking professional. If you have even the chance of interacting with your customer you better look crisp. Any other day though it is important to make people feel comfortable in their work environment. Why? For the same reason that you provide AC on warm summer days, comfortable workers equal productive workers. So here are the pictures that started this post off. On the top you will find the CEO of Microsoft and on the bottom the CEO of Twitter.