Beagle Travelers

Oscar only whines when he is wanting to go play outside with another dog or he is upset. Luckily he is a pretty happy dog and does neither with any sort of regularity. Today as I typed away on the computer I heard a whining noise from the other room. I gave it sometime considering it would probably pass. A few minutes into the code I hear it still. Sheesh Oscar!

Remind me to fix the screen in my door as it is now a secret path way for cute little puppies. I walk into the kitchen to find Oscar and a little beagle puppy playing around the floor. Heart+puppy=melt. I have such a soft spot for baby anything. I look out the door and see Mom trailing the back end of the Mini. They both look too healthy to be strays so I stand outside and listen for the screams of children looking for their pals. No sirens or anything else.

I drop some food in a make shift Cool Whip bowl (why did I have a Cool Whip bowl?) and some water in the Tupperware near it. They eat like there is no tomorrow and I gather they are lost. I sit down on the stairs contemplating what to do and Oscar comes up near me. He props up on my shoulder and licks my cheek.

“Sorry boy, I can hardly give you the attention you deserve.” With that I top off the Cool Whip bowl and head inside. Oscar seems okay with my course of action and finds his spot on the couch. I wish I had the time and space for the both of them. As I prepared for the Sabbath I did the scan around the house, peeking from the corner of window sills searching for my travelers. Nothing.

Good luck to the beagle family, hope they find a family here soon.