The Scientist and the Eye Ball

I am reading through Theology of the Body again after many of times. I now use it more as reference material than actual reading, but tonight I started Chris West’s review. This is a review rather than the 129 lectures John Paul the Great gave.

The tidbit that jumped out at me tonight was about Genesis. The discussion of if it was a scientific recount of creation or not is irrelevant:

Consider the difference for a woman when her optometrist looks in her eyes and when her husband looks in her eyes. The scientist is looking at her cornea and records the scientific facts. The love is looking into her soul and proclaims something more poetic and inspired. Does the scientist disprove the lover? No. These are simply two perspectives on the same reality. The author of Genesis wasn’t a scientist, but a lover inspired by God to proclaim the spiritual mysteries at the origin of the world.

Did you brain just explode? Mine did just typing it :)