The History Channel of Today

There was a time in cable television when channel names insinuated content. Take for example the Military Channel, it is a safe bet there is going to be planes, guns, or other things blowing up from the military viewpoint. 

I can safely turn there after a long day and see my stress melt away with the tonnage of bombs dropped from B-52s. The History Channel used to be an escape for my other secret hobby, history. It has come to my attention after being sick this week that no longer can I depend on the name of History Channel to mean that I will learn some history. Rather new programming  that appeals to the masses of fringe culture (an oxymoron in itself) is plastered from day to day. Alan Jones (or Airman Jones as I knew him long ago) put together a list that truly reflects the programming schedule:

  1. Bigfoot – Sasquatch or Man with Hirsutism
  2. UFO’s – Discovering classified Air Force planes for 50 years
  3. Jesus and the Da Vinci Code – We all know it has been disproved for years, but we are going to show it anyways
  4. Area 51 and the Mystery of Champ – How a large, water-dwelling, reptilian creature was spotted flying over the desert in Nevada and strangely looks a lot like a weather balloon in one fuzzy Polaroid.
Jones added that the worse part of these shows is that they aren’t spread out of the programming schedule. 
Now playing at 3, 6, 9, 1030, and a marathon on Sunday
No truer words Jones, no truer words :)