What Geek am I?

All the Geeks  This is a picture someone published online that shows all the different types of geeks. I figured I would quickly look at the image and find, THE NICK. My issue, there is NO NICK. Narrowing down the multitude of options was difficult but I decided on 3. Those are listed below. 

gadget-geek.pngGadget Geek — I have every gadget you can imagine. I use them as learning devices in order to become all the more a geek. My tool belt looks exactly like his as well as the backpack. When I looked at this picture I didn’t think what a dork, I started to figure out what gadgets the artist was showing. For the record the geek is wearing: Blackberry, iPod, Candy-bar Cellphone, UMPC, and a GPS   

apple-geek.png Apple Geek — This is a short one, looking around my office lets count the number of Apple products: iPod Shuffle, iPhone, 2×24″ iMac, Apple Extreme Router, Performa 6300, and an AppleTV in the living room. That is 7 devices. Yikes. 

linux-geek.pngLinux Geek — I have been using Linux 12 years (way before running Ubuntu was cool) and still use it to this day. I have a poster with Linux kernel code in my office. All devices that are capable of running Linux in my household, do. I get excited when a new kernel comes out and rush out to compile. I read over 150 RSS feeds about Linux and Open Source. I am such a dork as I re-read this. Wow…