Best Man Toast

I want to look back on this with my Brother. Here it is for the world to mirror!


You both are running around the city getting ready. Dan you are in my bathroom shaving off your peach fuzz and LuLu you are rolling your hair. What you both don’t realize is that it doesn’t matter. What you will remember this day is the feeling of being on the altar together. All the things that have stressed you both out, plates at a dinner, music in a hall, and is everyone taken care of will fade away. Dan what you will remember is the way your wife looked into your eyes as you exchange vows. Lindsey you will remember the warmth of Dan’s hand on yours as he squeezes to reassure you everything is okay.

What we forget sometimes is that none of this matters. The only thing God and you guys should care about is kneeling at Christ’s altar. You must realize that you are keeling together, always do that. Always humble yourself to God. If you can give yourself to God then you can give yourselves to each other. That is my biggest prayer for you both, God. I am not the best Catholic, I don’t claim to be. But what I know is that when God is first my life is blessed. The one thing I have that you guys don’t is that if my life goes south then it is just Nick. You both are in this together. What a great thing! Dan, you are going to screw up. You are going to put your foot down and shortly there after put that same foot in your mouth. You will say things that are dumb and take you both down the wrong path. You are going to be a total jerk sometimes and hurt the woman you love. Lindsey, you will aggravate the crap out of Dan. You will wonder sometimes if he has his head on straight. The good news is, you are in it together. If you stick together when you guys screw up, you screw up together. You can look back and laugh at how bad you screwed up together. This isn’t all gloom though for there will be those moments when Dan isn’t a jerk and instead an incredible man. Lindsey you will wonder what got into him to make him such a great leader. Dan you will wonder why Lindsey is being so supportive of what you are saying and things will simply just make sense. That is the Holy Spirit, let it work through you for those good times you will both get a chance to soak up the joy of God.

In closing I love you both. I will always be here for you and pray always for you. Good luck you guys.