I fought the road and the road won

I have been out of the loop the past few days and I wanted to let everyone know I was okay.

I decided on 15th Saturday I decided to take advantage of the unusually warm December weather. It was 65 and dry. The rain was suppose to be coming that night and I quickly jumped on the RC51. I took my usual ride down through Ruth Mountain road and had a great rhythm. The corners were carving well and the bike was running quick. I had my fun and decided to turn around and head home before the rain hit. As I hit the last corner before a little creek I saw a glimpse of gravel. I slowed down and got ready to take the turn. What I didn’t realize was that the gravel I saw was totally spewed across the whole width. It wasn’t just a patch. I began pumping the breaks slightly and sure enough, my back wheel locked and I started to loose control. I saw the farm field in front of me and thought of just riding into the field. Just as I got the bike straight the front wheel slipped on some gravel. That was the last straw and I decided to go airborne. I flipped off the bars and ate the concrete. The bike twirled on by missing me by a few inches. That was that. I blacked out and woke to a group of people standing above me. I tried a few times to walk and get up but kept falling over blacking out. Some amazing people stopped and helped me out, a young guy took me to the ER and the rest is history.

I am okay now and recovering slowly. I have no cast as the doctor is worried about my elbow seizing up. Thanks to everyone for the emails and calls. Nice to know so many of you care. God Bless!