Patchstick AppleTV Hack

I was really excited to have SSH on the AppleTV…why? No Clue. I am a geek. I use my Logitech remote for my roomba. This is simply something I do. Here is the steps to get the Patchstick working with 1.1 Firmware.

  1. Find the patchstick torrent of the original version or create your own. I will not tell you where to find the torrent.

  2. Download the AppleTV 1.1 DMG: Click Here!

  3. cp /Volumes/OSBoot/usr/standalone/i386/boot.efi /Volumes/Patchstick

  4. Place the USB Drive into the AppleTV USB port and yank the power button

  5. Press and Hold Volume Down + Menu

  6. Kernel boot message will appear and at the bottom you will see SSH and Perian installed

  7. Yank the power cable and enjoy