Rocks Cluster

Rocks Cluster rocks my socks. After battling with their FTP to grab the latest ISO, I was finally able to do a VMWare Install of version 4.2. The key for doing a VMWare install in workstation 5.5 was the following points:

  • Create a VMWare Team
    • Hard Drive sizes must be larger than 20 GiB
      • Memory must be more than 640 MiB
        • Remove the sound card and floppy
          • In the vmware team assign all the machines to VLAN1
            • The Frontend must have 2 NIC, assign them both to VLAN1 till the install is done at which point you can then bridge the public interface or host-only
              • Boot PXE when the frontend is up for the clients and all will install </ul> Let me state, Rocks is simply the best cluster software I have had the pleasure of using. Super High Five to the developers!