Bought a Mini Cooper

I will post some pictures soon promise!!

So far I love the car…love is a strong word…and that would be the one to fit. Everywhere I go with it people stop and talk to me. Not that I am shooting for a popularity contest but rather I enjoy being able to talk to people. What I have noticed is that when I let the Holy Spirit inside listen instead of me, people feel the desire to talk. For that is very nifty to see smiles and waves. The bad is that there are a few little cosmetic things to fix, nothing big, and the steering column clicks at low speeds in parking lots. Purely cosmetic crap. but still…

I wanted to compile a list of cool little things I am discovering about my 2002 Mini Cooper so here they are:

  • The key recharges its transmitter when it’s in the ignition switch
  • The UNLOCK button when held in will roll down all the windows
  • The glovebox is refrigerated.
  • There is a little toolkit included with the MINI like my motorcycles.
  • The interior lights (or any other accessory) switches off after 15 minutes with the key off to prevent killing the battery.
  • The brake lights don’t work without the key in the ignition.
  • There is an emergency release for the fuel door in the portside storage cubby hole in the boot.
  • If parked with auto wipers ON, they’ll be OFF when you start the car the next time. You must turn them off then back on to use them. (In case the wipers freeze to the glass) <– Not a problem in Biloxi :)
  • If you lock the doors with the key in the actual lock (i.e. not from a distance) and hold the key in that position, the top and all windows will go up.
  • The factory radio will always restart at a reasonable volume level, regardless of how loud it was when the MINI was turned off.
  • If you press and hold the trip button before turning the key you can acess the on board computer
  • There is a slot just foreward of the dirverside rear wheel that one can hide a key in
  • Automatic headlamp cleaning is done only if: highbeams are on, wipers are on high, and at least 10 seconds have elapsed since the last time.
  • The interval for intermittent wipers is road speed-sensative.
  • If you floor the accelerator for more than 3 seconds, or rev the RPM’s over 6000 rpm’s, the computer automatically shuts down the climate control to reduce drag on the engine.
  • The alarm has a tilt sensor if someone tries to jack up the car.
  • The headunit is speed sensitive volume, meaning the faster you go, the louder the volume to make up for the noise.
  • With your front doors closed, if you shut the hatchback correctly, the tail lights flash at you. If it’s not “catching” the tailights don’t blink at you, BUT only with the front two doors closed.