Nokia N900 Demo Unit

1 minute read

I think in part to my tweets of N900 lust and desire, Nokia contacted me to see if I was interested in a demo unit. After validating the email was NOT from Nigeria I quickly responded with a “YES PLZ SEND MEZ FONE!”

Why the gadget lust when I have a top-of-the-line iPhone? Easy, I am a geek. While I enjoy the hell out of having nice and easy to use devices, deep down I want to tinker. My original move to Mac was because I didn’t trust myself to have a Linux or BSD machine with me on the road. Every waking moment would be spent tweaking the kernel or compiler options for just a little bit more speed. Bleeding Edge, you betcha.

Linux though has become a lot easier to use as of late. My days of Debian 1.3 are long gone and it has evolved to grandma levels. Can the same happen on a phone? The n700/800/810 I once owned were not able to.

The geeky things I care about:

  • SDK that allows for quick-n-easy cross compiling of code
  • Active user community
  • nmap/kismet/libpcap based tools available
  • IM client with encryption
  • Terminal
  • Multiplatform support

The shiny-side things I care about:

  • Skype support
  • Syncable media player
  • Browser that can surf standard web
  • Google Voice Support
  • App support
  • Multi-touch
  • Maps
  • Sync with the cloud

Things that annoy me:

  • Steve Jobs
  • iTunes
  • DRM
  • No published spec

When the device arrives I plan on walking through the device with each of those areas. I will pop the SIM card from my iPhone and turn it off for the period of time I have the demo unit. Results to follow in the coming weeks.