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Joy of Flushing

3 minute read

I live in an old home. Over 70 years old at least. I don’t know the exact date, but I know that this whole area is named for the original owners. Th...


3 minute read

We all stood in line this morning which seemed the perfect crowning to the definition of military efficiency. The middle aged officer (she had the officer lo...

Geek and Backup Pride

3 minute read

Geeks pride themselves on the ability to institute good backup routines. We laugh in the faces of those poor souls who scream and yank hair as they watch the...

PPC Linux

3 minute read

Why Linux and which one? Let me take a second to review:

The air I breathe

1 minute read

I have my chillout playlist on as I sit comfortably in the Sky Harbor Airport. Today I packed up all my things and put the mini cooper on the back of a truck...

The Scientist and the Eye Ball

less than 1 minute read

I am reading through Theology of the Body again after many of times. I now use it more as reference material than actual reading, but tonight I started Chris...

NEXTSTEP 3.3 RISC SparcStation 5

less than 1 minute read

I finally found a copy of NEXTSTEP 3.3 and got it installed on a SparcStation5. I am rocking retro 1993 style. Screenshot for street cred: