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6am to DC

less than 1 minute read

I don’t care how often I take this flight, 330 rolls around quick. The world is eerily quiet this early.

Inversion of Schedule and Process

3 minute read

Programs are held to rigid standards by the very nature of the word. “A planned series of future events and items” accurately portrays the course of action w...

Storm Racing

3 minute read

“Looks like rain today” my Mother commented as we shared an after Mass lunch. “Yesterday was a mess with all that storming” I agreed. Rain it seemed was my w...

History Books

1 minute read

Did you know that Saint Paul was actually a woman? I bet you didn’t realize that Columbus was really from Germany and not Genovese.

Reason and Imagination

2 minute read

Bearing your soul in words is a dangerous proposition. Admitting to yourself in a permanent fashion is much more difficult than simply bypassing it with nons...

Bought a Kindle

less than 1 minute read

I love books. I actually love reading but hate the one aspect of being a traveling reader…carrying them all. A few reference computer manuals and a college b...

Beagle Travelers

1 minute read

Oscar only whines when he is wanting to go play outside with another dog or he is upset. Luckily he is a pretty happy dog and does neither with any sort of r...