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Dress Code

1 minute read

I dress like a big geek sometimes. It isn’t uncommon to see me roll into work with jeans on and an untucked Polo shirt. On really bad days (the ones where I ...

McAfee buys Secure Computing

less than 1 minute read

The most beautiful firewall I have ever come into contact with is Sidewinder. The first day I learned about Blurbs in the military was the day I began to jum...

So true

less than 1 minute read

Everyone makes fun of me because my phones have the classic ringer. You know, like Grandma’s old phone that could take down a robber. As always XKCD hits it ...

Multipath and Redhat Linux 5

2 minute read

As many of you know, multipath was finally integrated into Redhat Linux with the 5 series. This is great when you have multipath enabled during an install as...

bin2iso for Leopard 10.5

less than 1 minute read

I compiled bin2iso from source for all the mac users out there. For some reason bin2iso is not in macports. Link below:

Bittersweet Day

1 minute read

I looked up at the calendar resting in my SuSE box tray (oooh shinny!) and it occurred to me that today is a weird one. To the majority of America today repr...