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Pixel 7a Review

2 minute read

My thoughts on the Pixel 7a from a standard user…

Best of 2022 List

7 minute read

You can’t grow up in tech and not feel obliged to share an end-of-year wrap-up. So without further ado - here is mine for 2022.


less than 1 minute read

When you learn new languages, you can often find connections in words and ideas. Sometimes it’s wholesale incorporation of a word into the zeitgeist.

My 2022 of Travel

1 minute read

Intro If you closed your eyes tight enough and opened them without hesitation, it felt like pre-COVID a little this year. If you acclimated you’d realise it ...

BlueCruise, Charging, and Trip Stats

4 minute read

Charging networks are just as strategic as battery suppliers. Everyone who isn’t Tesla needs to focus on build-out. What we have today is not acceptable to t...