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Juniper Connect 64bit Debian

less than 1 minute read

These are the steps needed to get Juniper Connect working on Ubuntu 10.04 64bit. Some of the steps will work in 32, other than the ia32 package install. G...

Sony Vaio P788K Ubuntu 9.10 Load

2 minute read

Ubuntu 9.10 is the last usable version of Linux for use with the GMA500 craptasic video card. As it stands today I cannot recommend using Linux full-time on ...

Fix for GNOME Keyring prompt on Autologin

less than 1 minute read

Autologin in Ubuntu 9.10 would not default unlock your keyring for security I assume. If I am using autologin, chances are security isn’t high on the list an...

OpenVPN Install Ubuntu 9.10

4 minute read

A good buddy of mine, Trevor, had mentioned wanting to bridge his Brother‘s and his networks. Having done an OpenVPN install many moons ago it had resonated ...

N900 Banshee Fix

less than 1 minute read

You can compile the latest builds from Banshee if you’d like, but for those of you on older non-bleeding edge machines here is the .is_audio_player needed fo...

Test from n900

less than 1 minute read

MaStory is a nice little blogging app. Testing xmlrpc with it