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2 Awesome Events

1.) My 1997 Saturn SL1 crossed the 160k mile mark. Thats right, this poor car has gone 160,000 miles. AWESOME! I mean here it is getting 40 miles to the gall...

Kade’s Awesome Art

I asked Kade to grace my walls with her beautiful art. Being the Catholic dude I had to have Fish…Eucharist…yeah. So I showed her some of Rudolf Koch’s stuff...


Imagine the look on my face (or don’t because that would mean you are in the bathroom with me) as I look down to see a lady…in the bathroom…stuck to the wall...

New Pictures with Kade

There are now some pictures of Kade and I hanging out around Tampa Biloxi. Follow the link to check them out:

Check out HOWTO’s

I have started to centralize all my tutorials and howto’s I have written over the years. Take a look and let me know what you think!