F-150 Lightning towing stats

1 minute read

TL;DR - Towing my 23fb Airstream with the lightning basically cuts range in half.


I was able to tow the Airstream around 30 miles today and understand how the Lightning does with some weight behind it. The TL;DR is that with a 23-foot Airstream, I am seeing 0.8mi/kWh. Compared to the 1.5-1.8 I have seen on my road trips thus far without the trailer, its around 50% of the range when towing.

When you plug in your trailer and set the weight, height, length, etc., the Ford system auto-calculates your mileage impact. I plugged in at 85 miles, and when I finished the calculation, it stated I had 54 miles of range with the Airstream.

Some stats:

  • Airstream is around 6000 pounds (2721 kg) as it is loaded with our gear
  • Approximately 20 gallons of fresh water and no wastewater
  • Additional batteries for the solar
  • Nothing in the truck other than one rural Standish man
  • Flat drive. No hills

The towing experience is impressive. The instant torque makes hauling a breeze, and you sort of forget there is that much weight behind you as you accelerate.

Other than that, it’s all standard high-end Ford towing with the advance package. No different than the ICE versions. Compared to my 2017, the pro backup system works, which is nice. I joke that every couple should see if they can survive a long road trip together, but right after that, they should attempt to work together, backing an RV into a tight camping spot.