It is all energy

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I have had the fantastic opportunity the past few years to learn the energy space inside and out at Blueprint Power. Everything from regulatory frameworks to how low-level ERT frames function on smart meters. I always started my elevator pitch with “My background is not in energy…” which isn’t entirely accurate in the more abstract sense.

I wanted to share this because our industry is blossoming, with many brilliant people wishing to be part of the energy transition. A question that I often get is how to get a foot in the door of what is currently still a pretty small ecosystem.

My inquisitive nature led me to the space pretty early, hence this incredibly dorky kid in the photo. I was fascinated by how energy was created and stored before I understood how it could be applicable in life. My time in the military and intelligence space often dealt with electrons management without really understanding how it could be helpful elsewhere. Dorky Kid

For example, when I was building towers in the middle of the desert with solar (PV), generators (Genset), and primary battery storage (ESS), I had integrated a microgrid. We didn’t call it that, but managing energy and optimising those assets was key to our success on that specific project. It was a dance around consumption and generation, weather patterns, and ultimately keeping the system alive. There was no option to go back out and restart it.

When I worked in data centres and ensured proper thermal, energy, and power distribution, I thought it was simply computer stuff. Still, it was, in essence, the management of a thermal storage system with a resiliency aim. I was upgrading the alternators on aircraft to manage power needs of payloads or batteries of drones with the sensors…energy management. Don’t get me started on FOB design, non-air breathers, or naval assets.

It is all Energy.

These are specific examples from a very specialised space. Still, I mention it to let other veterans and those generally looking to realise that your skillsets provide unique and different approaches to an industry that needs it. Our “secret sauce” (some of it anyway) at Blueprint Power is that we were not constrained by how this was done before. We focused instead on how the sum of our experiences could make it better.

I look back on this childhood photo of myself and smile. I remember that moment of discovering chemical reactions from a lemon generated electricity. Those basic principles at the age of ~10 arm me today as I study and understand battery chemistry specifics.

I am incredibly proud of the work we do and want to encourage everyone wanting to make the lives of the next generation better to make the jump.

You have something to offer. Your expertise is desired. And I can’t wait to learn from you.

Until I do hear from you here are some additional dorky pics to enjoy!