The Great Illusion

I started my day with a run and was lost in the writings of Norman Angell. A month or so ago I read his book, Great Illusion,  and was awe-struck on how much pre-WWI Europe mirrors our own world today. He makes the case that globalization in those times would prohibit the tinderbox from catching fire due to the inter-dependencies. I see those same arguments today (article from The Telegraph) and feel a sense of misery from past mistakes being forgotten.

Shortly after Norman Angell wrote Great Illusion, a young 20 something named Gavrilo Princip shoots an Archduke and his wife. The chain of events falling out from this shot kicked off WWI in two very short weeks. The world moves faster than we can fathom. I see the same arguments being made now that we are too connected for war, but as history has shown it is always just around the corner if we are not careful.

I highly recommend the read if you have some spare cycles. While I think Mr. Angell had to fall on his sword unfairly (his book didn’t outwardly make such bold claims) it helps show just how little we have moved in 100 years.