Switching to Android

A few months ago I started compiling the iPhone libraries for Linux to allow syncing without WIFI. I thought I was king of the world as I bypassed all of the Apple controls to sync with Rhythmbox. With each upgrade of the iPhone OS I would diligently “git clone” and start the process over again. The last few times though I have felt like less of a King and more like a Prisoner. Why do I have to hack my way around a device I own? Am I but leasing the thing from Apple/AT&T or did I actually purchase it?

Frustration grew to anger and much like my Facebook Deletion a few weeks ago, if I was going to talk about openness I have to live it. Part of my switch from Mac to Linux again full-time was that I grew tiresome of the walled garden. I preach the EFF/FSF talking points and support companies that support the community…except for my phone…

So here it goes, a switch to a more free device. In all honesty I would rather do the N900 route, but there is free and hackable; and free and usable. The N900 is far from usable and much like every N-series MID before it, Nokia has screwed over the community by not supporting the device for more than a year. The device near and dear to my heart is a Palm Pre, but the lack of new devices and questionable future turned me off. WebOS is a beauty and if in a year (I go through phones like toilet paper) there is a new device I will surely pick it up. For now though, its time for a switch to Android. Froyo SDK has really impressed me and while there are VERY rough edges I am willing to bleed for the cause.

Oh and switching might just include a flip to Sprint…Evo 4g…yummy…