Sony Vaio P 788k Review

I hate long reviews, but the good gist below:

  • Intel Atom Z supports VT instructions. Really neat to boot KVM up on a little netbook
  • NetBooks are usually cheesy, this machine feels solid and well built. Sony does some nice engineering, but there in front of your face is a SD card and HG Duo…
  • Battery life is OK, I am considering the extended the battery, but really don’t feel the need based on the 3 hours I get now
  • Verizon built in is awesome! Riding the metro into work today I was on IRC ( loving life. On the way home I fired up a skype session with no issue

No good:

  • GMA500 is a stupid and horrible video card. Intel I hope you punch yourself in the face. The card is crappy in Windows and Linux, but especially linux
  • Linux support is pretty good, except for the GMA500. I dare say this, but I am in the process of dropping Windows 7 on the thing due to Intels lack of professionalism. In a day of Linux Netbooks and NetTops this is reprehensible to ship something like this.
  • The right shift key is worthless
  • SSD slower than industry approaches

Overall I rate the laptop highly. Well worth the purchase