The quest for a Media Center Machine

With the synergy (ugh manager talk, sorry) of media and television I often find myself wanting to consume laying down or on the couch. Currently I slap a laptop on the HDMI or something similar and stream hulu for a few minutes. It works, but so does driving with your eyes closed. The geek in me wants to run Linux on my media center so I began looking for a low powered Nvidia Ion based platform. Bestbuy had one:

When I started adding up the components for bluetooth, wifi, storage, and a remote the cost jumped. I ended up around 470 dollars and what would amount to a bundle of wires everywhere.

Wire Mess<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">Wire Mess</figcaption></figure>

At this point the laptop is just as nice an option with the amount of wires and dongles needed. I started to think about the Mac Mini as an option as the specs for the base model are about the same: [table “1” not found /]

Depending on where Black Friday pushes the prices, it looks like a Mac Mini for me. News to follow on the buildout