Vin Diagram of Life

Vin Diagram

From: What Consumes Me?

This diagram is a telling benchmark of where we are at in life. What makes us successful with business is the competitive edge that no one else can teach. Greatness isn’t something a professor in front of a very expensive classroom can provide you. There are certain things God blesses us with, talents if you will. When we focus on the blessing and move away from the desire to monetize life we can focus on what we love. The secret to greatness is waking up in the morning on top of your game and the only way to make this happen is to be passionate about a topic. For example I am excited to wake up in the morning and read the latest tech news. This is unlike the other computer guys that wake up in the morning and watch ESPN. That excitement gurantees that my time spent on things that excite me also contributes to my work. Likewise when I have to pull an all nighter I am not thinking of what big game I am missing, I am thinking of the next big break through on a problem. So everyone wake up tomorrow and have your Hooray moment. More tips can be found at the excellent website linked above.