and the search

My name is Nick and I am on In a conversation I had recently (with a great girl from the site actually) I posed the question whether or not she had told her family about her expedition into the world of online dating. Other than mom, no. Truth is my family doesn’t know either (Hi Mom!)

There is a certain cut of people that comes from families that were supernatural. Eating dinner together every night or parents married for 20+ years, they spit in the face of normalcy and statistics. People that are from this type of family fall prey to the unfortunate side effect that their families think the same thing will happen. The days of meeting a girl at the drive-in diner or in 4th period History class are not the case anymore. Society and world dictate an amount of expedience in our careers and lives that doesn’t allow for that slow methodical guessing game.

It should serve as no surprise that this generation operates this way. Our minds are not filled with questions on life anymore, but rather quiries for Google. We know exactly what we desire and search for and the world should be well aware, they taught us. From this SQL database querying generation comes a single pitfall. While we busily search for an exact “match” we often loose sight of the fact that our searches are only as good as the input provided. This is where Grandma and Grandpa had us beat in the world of dating. While we busily pluck on a keyboard for what we consider our perfect life they were busy living it.

In my mind I always have this funny scenario I play out. I imagine a culture where arranged marriages are the normal course of action and see two parents sitting at the keyboard. Here they sit finding the perfect match for their son or daughter. The paradox of an arranged marriage and search for the perfect match makes me smile. Instead of living in a search-ridden world maybe we instead move to a world of open acceptance. Instead of searching for that girl with a knack for deep conversation I replace it with a splat for seeing it all with no filters on the results. Next stop: