Here is a quarter

I am a quarter way through my life. Assuming of course that I live to 100 years old, but that doesn’t seem unreasonable considering the rate of life expectancy change the past century. When you break your time on earth into a dollar and realize you have spent a fourth of it, the feeling is bittersweet. It seems that every trip around the sun carries with it some benchmark the world establishes. “Your life will never be as good as your teens” is just as common to be heard as “Your life will never be as good as your twenties.” So which is it society? Looking back on the 25 thus spent I feel pretty well invested in the trip. God has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams and I am happy. Two things I have always provided myself for measuring progress. Where I leave myself wanting is what now, what now that I am a few years ahead of the life plan. I do not believe in establishing linear milestones for growth, but I simply never expected to be at this moment in time already. What troubles me is what the next 25 will look like! When I cash in that half-dollar will the progression of life compare to the quarter spent?

The purpose of saving is to spend it eventually. To spend on ones self or others, the end result is the same. Here I stand at the jukebox with one quarter gone and the song coming to a finish, what songs are next? This one was for sure Edwin Starr – Twenty Five Miles. Gotta keep going1984 Quarter