Keeping on my Toes – Mac to Linux and back

I love my MacBook Pro more than I love my motorcycle. There I said it. When I don’t get a chance to ride my motorcycle I get cranky and irritable, but when I don’t know where my computer is…death to all. The only thing that exceeds my love of Mac is my love of Linux. The reason I began using Apple products was from the consulting days of my life. I needed a machine that when I opened the lid, turned on, and began doing what I told it to do. Linux does this just spiffy, but the problem is I am fiddgity. My work machine was in a constant state of subversion dumps and compiles. A new kernel patch set? Sure why not. GIT Release of GNOME looking spiffy, download away. The problem is that when you live on the edge it is sharp. Bleeding edge releases in Linux made my laptops constant compiling machines. I tinker and therefore I Mac.

This mac world is tempting. Uncle Steve will bring you into his world and slowly tempt you. Need a Music manager? Oh look iTunes…Photos…DVD…Mail…Browser. The list is exasberating! With the release of OpenSuSE 11.1 and Ubuntu 8.10 though the tides are changing. I am weening myself off single platform solutions to multi-platform solutions. The key being that my rsync -av * will allow for my settings to work on Linux and Mac machines alike. A few notes is that not everything here is Open Source (*gasp!) The reason is that GTK and QT are just now getting their feet underneath them. Where I didn’t have an OSS equivalent I made sure the closed source edition didn’t create databases or crap like that.

iTunesTO     Songbird

iTunes to Songbird

Once they added iPod support and the snazzy downloading stuff I was sold. Throw in extensions and cross platform and my heart was warmed.

SafariTO     Firefox

Safari to Firefox

Have you ever tried to surf with Safari after having extensions? It hurts me. With the Mac addons you can even keep your Mac specific OS apps in tact. Dictionary, address book, quartz, and spell check are no problems.

iPhotoTO     Picasa

iPhoto to Picasa (wine)

I am running Picasa in Wine on Linux and Mac until digikam works in Mac. Till then I have a kickass photo manager that does not require a proprietary library format. Simply add the folders and off it goes.

AdiumTO    Pidgin

Adium to Pidgin

Yes they both use libpurple. Yes they share codebases. Yet, the differences in daily usage are extreme. In order for my rsync to work I needed to use Pidgin. Luckily MacPorts with a +quartz +no_x11 on the end did the trick.