Ad Astra

The stars are the most beautiful reminder of your location in the world. My combat boots trudging against the desert terrain were the platforms upon which my eyes witnessed heaven. Stars shone so bright I was forced to squint to distinguish between the dense clusters. Cool desert winds find a way of creeping into your nose with each gaping breath.

Just hours later my eyes gaze from the billows above Capitol City and am met with a similar proposition. The lights of domicile speckled across the blackness prompt memories of a day before. Thoughts drifting to the world below gazing up at me, disappointing as they must be at this night sky. Do they realize they look just like brilliant celestial bodies of yesterday? The night sky guided countless souls across vast expanses of oceans. As I journey through the vast expanses of life those same stars guide my course. Even from high above, soaring in the heavens, the stars find their way to my thoughts.