New Zealand

Tonight I was placing in my calendar the fact that a friend of mine is traveling to New Zealand when I noticed the little red squiggly informing me that I spelled the country incorrectly. Needless to say I expect such things, to the point of phonetically spelling just to make sure spell check gets it. Thats right, rather than learning to spell I learned howto give the computer little clues. It has become my game and enjoyment in life. I attempt to see just how wretched I can spell a word and still have the computer read my mind. Needless to say I don’t get out much. Go screw your persp…a…paci…us perspicacious jerk face. Take that!

Back to the tale at hand, New Zealand. There I was placing it correctly on the calendar entry when the squiggly appeard. I do what any sane horrible speller would do. Went to google and typed it in there. Low and behold the spelling in my head was correct (whats up now Bruce?) and the computer was wrong. By golly I just about broke into River Dance before putting the kebosh on that just long enough to write this post. So how is that Firefox 3 on MacOSX 10.5 thinks New Zealand should actually be New Sealant? It is an Island so maybe they do need some Sealant. Frankly I have no clue what to do with myself at this point. My computer has never lead me astray (except for that search for “I want to become a ninja turtle” which turned out to be a total waste of time.)

To be safe though, from this point forward I am going to assume my laptop is correct and the world is wrong. Why? Because the sight of red squigglies drives me bonkers. So Alexa, have a great time in New Sealant.