I use a microscope to read maps…

Or in other words I am shortsighted. I watched outside the CRJ700 as Tucson appeared. Flying into Tucson I was surprised they had finally finished the renovations of the airport and how I felt. Being the blogging type I figured it a safe bet that I had posted something as I left…sure enough…

Sometimes when we leave a place we know it isn’t forever. Yet you still look around with deep breath and soak it in. What is “it” that we need to soak?I had that feeling today as I boarded in Tucson. I knew that I might be back but this time would be the last of this era. This was the last of a time in my life, a period of great testing. I felt this one other time in Shreveport so I know it well. The same yearn for one last look. One last breath. One last freeze frame of all the people in the room. Some people mistake this feeling by associating it with a place. They misunderstand that the place is little more than a collection of people and emotions. The scenery is picture worthy, but it is the person looking at it with you that will cement your love of it. There are many more places for me to go. I look forward to bottling that moment up and placing it on my shelf of life. Take that last deep breath and seal it tightly for this is all you will have of this moment, this place, this time.

I was both right and wrong with this. The emotions were certainly different than those garnered when I left, but the person was the same. My argument centered around the period of life and “Nick” I was then. Truth of the matter is I am no different now than a year ago when I posted that paragraph. Sure the scenery has changed and the locale is moving, but the guy who types this typed that. Curiously I would ask my friends and readers, am I the same?

Possibly the greatest disservice we perform is assuming that being unchanged is an inferior state. In a society that relishes the future and ignores the past we can never allow ourselves to accept stationary. We simply save those eras for the rocking chair on our porch and AARP cards. The good old days only count when the days have been spent to hastily.

So back in Tucson, here I am. Some changed, some not. Honestly, I am okay with it either way