Taking one for the team

My Father always taught me that there are things in life worth waiting for and working hard towards. For better or worse I took that lesson to heart and ingrained it upon my psyche as standard issue. In my whirlwind of my mind I have justified the sacrifices as the eventual beauty of what will come. So this letter is to my future, well my future whatever it is. Future wife, future child, future dog for all I know.


26 Nov, 2020

To my loved ones,

I delivered this letter to you upon awakening for a new day. Surprising it must be to receive a letter from me despite me being here with you. It is important to know that I am writing this letter perched upon a ball chair (don’t ask) after making a big decision. The decision itself isn’t monumental as the ones we have in our lives now, but the ideal of what I am doing is.

The years of my life before your smile graced my mind were shared with a little dog. You may have seen pictures as he was a dear friend. States held little meaning as we traveled from zip code to zip code. I gave up much during these years. What spurred this letter was deciding to go to the desert. Packing up my bags and heading out west to make sure my team could be home for Thanksgiving. It is unfathomable to imagine the kind of joy you brought to my life and that idyllic quality is what put my clothes in the suitcase. This will be trip number 35 for the year and I wanted to let you know why I am home with you now…

I spent countless hours soaring above the clouds so that we could spend countless hours staring up at them now. My possessions were always second hand to make sure that your hands never begged for things you needed in life. The days I earned for vacation were saved so that I never missed your first goal on the soccer field. Every little decision was made with gratification and our delight in reason.

This Thanksgiving I am taking one for the team, taking one for you. One day this will all make sense and you will understand why I grin with such a lustrous smile. While you were asleep I was thinking back to the night I wrote this letter, alone with my little dog in the big Capitol, and I now realize. It was all worth it.

Nick, Dad, Husband, Father, Friend…whoever’s hands this eventually finds