What is your passion? The collegiate response is that passion is an intense desire or enthusiasm for something. Passion is a word that posses a meaning that extends well above the simple context modern language employs. Love, passion, hate and pain. All these words share the deep meaning of emotional context greater than the letters and breath they are spoken with.

Asking someone what they are passionate about, is to me, tearing beyond menial life. Ask someone what they do in life and you get the response that they are married, have a kid, drive a nice car, and work for such-and-such. I yearn to know someone deeper than the exhibit you display for the world. What is it that makes you wake up in the morning?

To be equitable, the personal revelation is my answer is just as difficult to give. What am I passionate about? I am passionate about the words lackadaisically dancing on your screen. I am passionate about keeping my honor and integrity. Passionate about greater meaning to life itself. Passionate about experiencing life as to know just how great the greater is. There a multitude of things I enjoy to do, but I am not passionate about them. Running is one of my favorite actives as is carving the mountain ridges on my motorcycle. Yet, as wonderful as they are their overall value is diminished when contrasted to the joy another persons smile brings.

Often we equate the emotion aforementioned with the endorphins of glee. As a friend of mine mentioned recently, happiness is not happiness if it all you ever know. In order for there to be ups, there must be downs. Atomists, a philosophical idea of pre-Socratic days, theorized that there was only atoms and emptiness. Only one direction was accessible, down. This deterministic path conveyed that every action was predefined. The paradigm is important to portray that passion negates the entire idea. If there is only down and one direction to move, what drives man to greatness?

I am passionately angry, passionate lover, passionate friend, passionate human, and more than anything passionate about life. Posing the question back to myself the list is too long to respond to. I yearn for emotion and feeling to offset the deep analytic nature within myself. Passion is less of an emotion than a lifestyle for me. Here is to one more passionate blog post.