The morning was clear as Oscar and I made our way down the elevator for the new morning routine. We walked past the water fountain on path to the doggie walk. On cue soon as his feet touch grass he is finding a spot to squat. Looking around I caught glimpse of Ferrari Red. It is a very difficult color to not catch in your eye if you are a male over the age of two. There is something about it that screams at a male’s insides and draws you in. In departure from our usual right turn and entrance back into the building I decided to go in closer. The machine was beautiful in a way only fine Italian automobiles can be. From the stitch of the leather to the rims’ shinny brilliance the automobile was amazing. In what would be an ultra rare observation in the state of Alabama, it is common to come across these type of cars. I live across the street from a Porsche dealer so my senses are becoming numb with each passing day.

What struck me on this occasion was the hour or so later as I drove past the parking spot on my way from work. Having spent the morning inspecting the Italian horses, I of course glanced again while zooming by. In what can only happen in DC, a 1980’s era Honda Civic was in its place. Rags to riches in reverse. Such is the condrum of this city, the poor and rich living on top of each other. The Porsche dealer just blocks away from the “place I shouldn’t roll my windows down” as my friends say.

Since I am an ever wandering mind, I thought to myself about the exchange in parking spots. Did the Honda driver spot the Ferrari leaving and quickly place his blinker on to nab the streetside parking? I just can’t imagine the exchange or looks on both drivers faces as they traded the spot. The sad realization came to me that this transfer in car storage was the only interaction these two people can hope to share. Despite us all living within meer yards of the other, we still find ways to seperate the haves and have nots. So I guess, here is to the parking. The one thing every DC resident can share.