Leaving for the city

This morning with my lungs pressed up against the cool morning air I ran through the country. Past the cows in the pasture and up the hill where the horses drink from the pond. This backdrop is like a cheesy background you find draped against people’s computer screens to make them forget the cube they live in.

Today’s world allows for me to pound my feet against Country Road 45 and tomorrow race to the Pentagon like an ant for the peanut butter sandwich dropped on a playground. Why on Earth would I trade the beauty of these stars for the twinkle of the skyscraper?

My life is filled with running, in a physical and emotional sense. I left in January of this year to the deserts of Arizona and now I rush for the Capital. To be honest I am not sure what I am afraid to stop for. This trip contrasts the last to Arizona by being of choice, not of need. I needed to leave Alabama at the beginning of this year. Now the need is nowhere to be found. This is purely with a smile on my face and the hope for something exciting.

Three states this year and the tally could surely rise. Sometimes I feel like Q*Bert, chasing around the country for something, something bigger than this.

Next time I write to the blog it will be from DC. The next time I write to this blog it will be with a new chapter heading. The book of Nick continues to grow.