I hate Windows

I run Windows XP in a virtual machine for those few programs that lack Linux and Mac clients. I booted my FULLY PATCHED, FIREWALLED, and Windows XP Service Pack 3 to find gay sex fetish icons. Oh, gosh, I didn’t even realize I loved me some gay pr0n. When we move to virtualized solutions and slowly get rid of Windows enviroments we often forget that it is still a vulnerable machine. More and more users are booting Windows simply to interface with their corporate enviroments and not following under the security posture they believe to be in.

Environments like VMware ACE are greatly enhancing that role, but corporate IT managers are slow to embrace these technologies. The idea that we as security professionals can hide behind firewalls and IDS is repulsive and delisinaul. As Security Professionals and Architects it is time we rid ourselves of Layer 1/2/3 security and move up a few layers. There is a world of virutal that will destroy your coprorate network. Now if you will excuse me, I need to get rid of the brand new BSDM icon on my Windows Virtual Machine.