Random Thoughts for the Day

I sat down with my good friend Bruce tonight for dinner when he correctly pointed out it had been awhile since I posted. Can’t have that, so here we go with an update:

Living in DC has been fun the past few months. I am going to be DTA’ing (TDY) up to DC for a few months here soon. Oscar and I will have a blast exploring all the sites and things to do up here. I am going to buy a nice riding bike (minus the goofy shorts) and go riding with some guys from work. The weather is amazing and the runs through the district in the morning are breathtaking, for a few reasons, one almost being hit by cars and the surreal beauty of an asleep city.

Got a new iPod today. The 120 Classic so I can carry my music collection around with me. I am up to 12,000 songs now. The iPhone was just too tiny as I have eclectic music tastes. “Gosh I wish I had that studio recording of Hendrix and Dylan with me.” Now I do.

It wouldn’t be a Nick post (or a Jerry Springer Episode) if I didn’t have my parting thought. Beyond the superficial where I am and what the latest gadget is, there is the emotional side.

I was driving through an unknown part of Herndon after a meeting attempting to locate my way back (why did I forget my fricken TomTom!?) and was so engrossed in speaking with a coworker that I failed to recognize the landmark signaling my turn. Usually that is my waypoint method, find something that looks funny or intriguing. On this trip with the coworker I had been so negligent in looking that when I looked back on the trip I failed to find my way back to the office.

The story, while true, is my metephorical attempt at historical reference point. Today I looked back on tomorrow. Life is encyclical and a series of small stories filling the bigger novel. Each day is the comic strip in your local paper, a snapshot of time. Since we are invovled in the creation of that strip we progress as it does, day for day. It isn’t until someone comes back and reminds you of where the story started that you realize how far life has come. Today was that day. In many ways it was an amazing reminder that we can do great things from adversity. Other times it reminds us that we haven’t become or done what we had hoped we would by now.

10/8/2008, that funny day that will forever be my waypoint to finding my way backhome. Self realization is an amazing gift.