Memoirs are Dead

In a world of twitter and 140 character posts, how will the world change in the realm of memoirs? My memoirs are here, each blog a cross section of my intellect and soul. In the past it was the desire after someone’s passing to know their deepest thoughts on a subject or introspective review of self. It is no longer a need to wait for that moment or read a book, the internet holds them all.

It will take generaterations for this paradigm shift to occur as the Cold War warriors and Gulf War veterans find their resting place. My belief is this generation to which I belong will be the first. The combination of twitter, youtube, and blogs offer the world a play-by-play of my everything. Many will say this constitues a great injustice to privacy, but I say it offers future readers the ability to know that while I typed this post I ate a turkey sandwitch from 7-11. Seriously, tell me a memoir that offers more than that?!