Government Planning Perfection

I was allowed to leave the Air Force with no strings attached in 2003. I found this slightly odd as I had a special security code attached to my AFSC making me a rarity and highly critical to every base and deployed location. Who am I to argue with the govt. if they want to let me go? I receive this email yesterday:

Dear Veteran,

My name is TSgt Bob Marley.  I am the Recruiting and Retention NCO for the 224th Joint Communications Support Squadron and the 165th Air Support Operations Squadron located in Brunswick, GA.  The reason I am contacting you is because according to the Inactive Ready Reserve database, you once held one of these 5 critical AFSC’s:


2E2X1 Electronic Computer and Switching Systems

3C2X1 Communications Computer Systems Control

3C0X1 Communications Computer Systems Operations

2E1X1 Satellite and Wideband Communications

The 2 units I recruit for need your help to bring our numbers up to 100%.  Each one of these AFSC’s offer a $15,000 enlistment bonus for a 6 year commitment or $7,500 for 3 years provided you meet the requirements.

After letting me out, they then try to pull me back in with a Bonus. Govt. planning perfection! I must have been a great number on someone’s budget the year they let me go. Chances are they are promoted and now they can try and get us back.