The iPhone saga continues

AT&T Customer for 5 years or more — Check

AT&T Stock Holder — Check

Original iPhone Owner — Check

AT&T Business Enterprise Customer — Check

What does all that buy you? A big fat cup of nothing. While in DC for business I did the unthinkable and waited outside of an Apple Store to buy an iPhone 3G. The line was wrapped around the front of the store and I doubted my chances of being afforded the “privilege” of purchasing a phone. It was my lucky day as many left the line after being informed that only the white edition was in stock. The Apple Employee wandered towards me armed with his Wireless Symbol Palm computer to verify if I was eligible. After a few missteps inputting information (there is no backspace on the device) we were off. Turns out I am not eligible to purchase a new iPhone from Apple. Why you might ask yourself? I am a business user…soak on that for a minute. I am a business user and therefore am relegated to the second class HELL HOLE that is AT&T Stores. After waiting in line I was left speechless. Here is the background as to why:

Basically I give up. I do not want the damn phone anymore. I am looking at other options.