Puddle of Thought

The world is filled with books describing many of the same ideals. We excite ourselves by reviewing similar theories with different words. Buzz words, corporate lingo, slang, all these items share a theory that this age is one of reduction.

Reading theology and philosophy has opened my mind to the great possibilities of the world. I pride myself on having read the works of Aristotle as well as Nietzsche. Having basked in Augustine as well as Calvin. Suiting up for the great journey I explore all aspects of the mind and soul. For this I am a slave.

When a man keeps pondering the many aspects of heaven, we are left with never pursuing it. Like the race car driver preparing his chariot for the next day’s race, at some point he must guide it down the track. There in fact is our shortcoming. We consume the multitudes of literature speaking of great change and we are too busy to implement. A modern example is Obama’s platform of change. He speaks so eloquently of change, yet has been to busy describing it to actually pursue it.

Here we are left to piddle in our puddles. As a child pretens the puddle is the extent of the ocean we too pretend reading of world makes us knowledgable of the world. Something in history inspired men to write books of revolutionary ideas. I fear there is no one left to be that catalyst.